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Cray and Microsoft accelerate deep learning training to minutes instead of weeks

•, brian wang

They accelerated the training process. Instead of waiting weeks or months for results, data scientists can obtain results within hours or even minutes. With the introduction of supercomputing architectures and technologies to deep learning frameworks, customers now have the ability to solve a whole new class of problems, such as moving from image recognition to video recognition, and from simple speech recognition to natural language processing with context.

The team have scaled the Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit -- an open-source suite that trains deep learning algorithms -- to more than 1,000 Nvidia Tesla P100 GPU accelerators on the Swiss centre's Cray XC50 supercomputer, which is nicknamed Piz Daint.

Deep learning problems share algorithmic similarities with applications traditionally run on a massively parallel supercomputer. By optimizing inter-node communication using the Cray® XC™ Aries network and a high performance MPI library, each training job can leverage significantly more compute resources – reducing the time required to train an individual model.