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The NFL's New VR Highlights Take Football to a Whole New Level

•, Tim Moynihan

Nothing about the play, which lasted all of six seconds, stood out as particularly noteworthy. Except for one thing: Safety Deon Bush and linebacker Danny Trevathan shoved Jennings out of bounds right in front of NextVR's bug-eyed sideline camera. Watching the play on a VR headset made you instinctively want to get out of the way. The "you-are-there" sensation was strong.

OK, time out. You're rolling your eyes, with good reason. Video on a VR headset is usually pretty disappointing. The novelty of watching something from a cool virtual vantage point erodes quickly. There's a "screen door effect" when seeing pixels on a magnified screen, shattering the illusion of being there. The content typically lacks narrative, offering nothing to direct your attention or provide urgency or drama.

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