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Facebook Already Blocking Links to "Fake News"

•, Paul Joseph Watson

Facebook is already blocking links to so-called "fake news" stories, despite the Washington Post being forced to admit that its own definitive article on "fake news" was based on shoddy research.

A Twitter user revealed how he tried to post an Alex Jones Channel video about 'PizzaGate' on Facebook but was blocked from doing so because Facebook characterized the YouTube link as "unsafe".

This suggests that more than just blocking alleged "fake news" websites, Facebook is censoring certain topics from being posted altogether.

The social network giant also appears keen to comply with a European Union demand that all "fake news," which was listed on a par with hate speech and jihadist propaganda, be censored within 24 hours.

As we reported yesterday, after pressure from academics, Google is also de-listing information pertaining to criticism of Islam and information about black people being overrepesented in crime figures (which is an objective fact).