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This election will have more than consequences

• By DarkSyde

His public persona is more akin to a sociopathic monster, pampered by wealth and with no stable influences around him. He will be fully enabled by a compliant Congress and is soon-to-be backed by the highest courts in the land, either all hopped up on or fearful of rising white nationalism and proud, institutional ignorance. It's terrifying to think of the ways that can end badly.

But most worrisome is the prospect of millions losing their healthcare, and all of us losing two key restrictions the Affordable Care Act did away with: pre-existing conditions and coverage caps.

Posts like this one popped up all over the blogosphere and social media:

With Trump promising to repeal Obamacare and Republicans in control of both houses of Congress, that means the insurance companies will likely be free to reject people with pre-existing conditions again. And for me, that may as well just be a slow — or perhaps fast — death sentence. I have multiple disorders that require a good deal of medical attention, treatment and medication. There's no way I can afford it without health insurance, nor can I afford the extraordinary premiums of being in a high-risk pool. ... I may be forced to leave the country..