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Greetings from Arizona Havana!

• by Charles Goyette

The Drudge Report today (11-1-16) features a Wall Street Journal story, Inside the Affordable Care Act's Arizona Meltdown, that explains:

When Affordable Care Act insurance marketplaces launched in fall 2013, Arizona seemed like a success. Eight insurers competed to sign up consumers, offering a wide variety of plans and some of the lowest premiums in the country.

Today, with ACA enrollment starting Nov. 1, Arizonans will find in most counties only one insurer selling exchange plans for 2017. Premiums for some plans will be more than double this year, some of the biggest increases in the nation.

Six major health insurers are leaving the Arizona market in the new year.

The Arizona Republic story on the fiasco today quotes a Phoenix resident, Ken Hoag, who understands what's going on. "There are no choices, really, for anybody in Maricopa County," Hoag said.  "The lack of choice is like having empty shelves (and) no food in a third world country."

"Do I live in Cuba?" he asked.