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This "Printer" Is Actually a Surveillance Device


The Stealth Cell Tower is made from an HP Laserjet 1320, since the printer was designed with free space inside, a tiny computer called the Raspberry Pi 3 equipped with a few antennas, a BladeRF SDR board enabling radio frequency communication, and cabling.

"Stealth Cell Tower is a continuation of my research into the uncanny design practice of disguising cell towers as other things (like trees, bricks, church spires)," Oliver said. "Stealth Cell Tower is also a continuation of my studies into the surveillance of mobile phones by police, government intelligence agencies, and the military using what have come to be known as IMSI Catchers." 

For instance, Oliver pointed out, spies and cops most famously use the Stingray, a surveillance tool that acts as a cellphone tower. He said his own device is an antagonistic GSM (global system for mobile communication) base station that could mimic that technology.