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Balloon-Like Dome Houses Can Withstand Fires And Earthquakes, Start At Just $3,500


These tiny bubble-shaped structures are incredibly durable because they've been constructed using a technique similar to papier-mâché.


Credit: Nicoló Bini

Are you in the market for a new house? Look no further: these incredible balloon-like dome homes are guaranteed to save you money as well as afford you some peace of mind.

According to the architect, Nicoló Bini, the concrete Binishell domed homes are incredibly durable because they've been created using a technique similar to papier-mâché. Bini begins by constructing a two-dimensional shape on the ground, then adds wooden form around an air bladder. Then, steel rebar is introduced, followed by a load of concrete that sets and slowly rises from the ground.

While the concrete sets around the form and structural support, the architect uses an air pump to fill the bladder beneath. Eventually, the concrete rises to reach its final shape. Then, the bladder is deflated and removed so it can be reused.


Credit: Nicoló Bini

Bini combined an ancient building material with a modern-day aesthetic to develop the strange building technique, reports Wired. His father, Dante, was the first to pioneer the Binishell in 1964. One of the homes Dante created still stands today and is a testament to the strength and power of the buildings.

Over 1,600 Binishells have been built across the globe, and one has even weathered Mt. Etna for fifty years. Most are approximately 120 feet in diameter, though some tiny versions have been built in second and third-world countries.


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