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WATCH: Anderson Cooper struggles to explain why Corey Lewandowski gets paid by both CNN and Trump


CNN host Anderson Cooper looked like a deer in headlights on Wednesday night's "Late Show." In the second half of Stephen Colbert's interview with Cooper, he was asked if former Donald Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski still get's money from the Trump campaign while making a salary at CNN.

Cooper awkwardly admitted he does.

"So, he works for you guys," Colbert began. "Does he still get any money from the Trump people at the same time?"

"I believe, I read he gets a continuing severance from the Trump campaign," Cooper said.

"So, y'all are paying him and Trump is paying him but he's on your show doing analysis from a man he still gets cash from?" Colbert asked.

Cooper looked a little peeved about it but admitted, "Pretty much. Yeah," he said before trying to excuse CNN from the perception of impropriety. "I guess that's one way to look at it. Yes."

"And you still respect his opinion too?" Colbert asked.

"Well, you know, we have people from all the campaigns and we have like campaign surrogates for Hillary Clinton on," Cooper continued, without clarifying if those surrogates also get paid by CNN.

"What is a surrogate, by the way, I hear that term a lot?" Colbert asked. Cooper explained they're often paid by the campaign to be on press and media on behalf of the candidate. Cooper neglected to mention again that no other campaign surrogate is being paid by both CNN and by either the Clinton or Trump campaign, that we know of, other than Lewandowski.

The two went on to discuss Trump's stance on immigration and that Trump may have softened his position on "forced deportations." Cooper said that it wasn't clear where Trump is on it because he hasn't spoken about any of the details.

"There's a lot of 'elect me, see what happens,'" Colbert said and Cooper agreed. "Yeah, I'm the president, Christmas morning is Election Day! Open me up! Maybe I'm full of toys, maybe I'm full of turds. Let's find out. Don't shake me."

Cooper also revealed that Trump is not doing CNN anymore. "He's always, I think, been doing interviews with Fox News. I think I read recently, like the last 10 interviews he's done have all been with Fox. I think the last non-Fox interview he did was with George Stephanopoulos over at ABC about the Khans, and that did not go so well for him. And so, he does a lot of Hannity, who —"

"Who, evidently, is advising his campaign at the same time," Colbert said.

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