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A Rotting Pile of Damp Wood

• LewRockwell

He is upset with the IMF.  He is upset with the US Treasury Department.  He is upset with Barack Obama.  You might say he was gutted. What has caused him to be so cheesed off?

If the International Monetary Fund and its co-conspirators in the Treasury wish to deter undecided voters from flirting with Brexit, they have certainly failed in my case.

They have each told the Brits what to do about Brexit.

Having listened to their irritating lectures, I am more inclined to opt for defiance, for their mask of objectivity has fallen.

Ambrose is joining the club – seen most overtly in the reaction to Trump's campaign: every time some supposed authoritarian speaks, telling us what to do, many decide that the opposite – no matter how crazy sounding – is probably the right choice.

There can no longer be any doubt that they are playing politics with the democratic self-determination of this country.

Ambrose, there never was any doubt.  Not just for your country – for any country.  When politicians are involved, they are always playing politics.  You can't be so daft.