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Connected? With Brexit Vote Upcoming, Britain Sees Faux-Bomb Scare


It is seems all-too timely that the fake 'dummy' bomb discovered shortly before a soccer match in Manchester took place in the lead up to a very controversial referendum which could result in Britain leaving the European Union.

As the BBC notes:

An "urgent" inquiry has been demanded after a dummy bomb used in a security exercise caused a Premier League match at Old Trafford to be postponed.

The game between Manchester United and Bournemouth was called off after the item was discovered close to kick-off… after the replica device was found in a toilet.

[…] Security Search Management & Solutions Ltd (SSMS) was the firm hired by Deacons Canines to test its sniffer dogs using fake bombs, the BBC understands.

What do you think?

Was this really just a bad mistake by a private firm doing counter-terrorism training?