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Billionaire Green Donor Launches Super PAC To Scare Millennial Voters


Steyer is close to John Podesta and his Soros funded Center For American Progress. When 'science' is god, the end justifies the means. 

Billionaire environmental activist Tom Steyer's super PAC launched a $25 million youth voter drive on Monday in seven political battleground states to help elect candidates that champion climate change policies in November's general election.

Steyer's NextGen Climate super PAC, a political group that raises funds to boost candidates with strong environmental platforms, said the campaign aims to boost turnout of millennials, who have become one of the largest potential voter groups.

In the lead-up to the November general election, NextGen will deploy hundreds of organizers across over 200 colleges to register young voters and facilitate on-campus voting.

"We are determined that they will be a difference maker," Steyer told reporters on a conference call.