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Suit up for future of VR


Current VR technology can transport your eyes and ears to virtual worlds, but it's at times had trouble with the rest of your body. That could be about to change, as AxonVR has developed a prototype virtual reality platform comprising a full body suit and exoskeleton that lets your whole body feel and interact with the virtual world.

The core of the system is the lightweight AxonSuit, made up of a jacket, pants, gloves and boots that convey tactile and even thermal feedback to different parts of your body. The inside is lined with a material containing thousands of "pixels," which can individually apply various amounts of pressure and heat to simulate different textures and temperatures.

You'll be able to feel how rough or smooth, hot or cold, a virtual object is. Or even just the environment itself: wander through a simulated desert, for example, and you might find your entire body heating up.