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Congress Remains Silent As UN Demands U.S. Taxpayer Money...


TN Note Rampant immigration is the tool to break down traditional societies and cultures, to make way for the full implementation of Sustainable Development (aka Technocracy). The UN believes that the only path to Sustainable Development is through an 'inclusive', multicultural society. Europe is already learning painful lessons from these policies as their societies disintegrate right before their eyes. If Americans saw immigration policies for what they are, they would cause another revolution to stop it. 

Requesting open-ended and unconditional funding from American taxpayers for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees where she is second in command, Kelly Clements framed her agency's work as an essential "humanitarian" endeavor in the international arena. Speaking before the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Monday, her requests and recommendations were virtually unchallenged by any senators, either Republican or Democrat.

Warning against policy changes to restrict the entrance of Muslim or other refugees and immigrants into America, Clements described such proposed or implemented measures as an "attack" on the security of migrants she claims her agency serves.

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