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The Fight Against Climate Change Continues After UN's Paris Summit


On April 22, it will be signed by numerous heads of state. The agreement sets crucial goals to limit global temperature increases, and specific goals in three areas – mitigation, adaptation and finance.

Many expected the conference to be a talk shop with not many effective results. Obviously it's too early for any tangible results to be seen – but the agreement has many positive points.

The long-term goal of limiting temperature increases to 2°C – or a second, more ambitious target of 1.5°C – guides the agreement. Mitigation includes a long-term goal – early peaking, balancing emissions and sinks. The accompanying decision indicates that emissions need to be reduced from 55 gigatonnes (Gt) to 40Gt in 2030, a massive gap of 15Gt.

A new global adaptation goal aims to increase countries' adaptive capacity and resilience. There are also aims to achieve a finance increase to US$100 billion per year post 2020.