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World's thinnest lens measures a barely-there 6.3 nm thick

•, Simon Crisp

The team from the Australian National University (ANU) says the lens was made using molybdenum disulphide crystal, and could be key in the miniaturization of cameras and the development of flexible computer displays.

In recent years we've seen a number of developments focusing on creating ultra-thin lenses. These have included using gold nanoantennasgraphene microlens, and new methods of creating diffractive lenses. But now a team led by Dr Yuerui (Larry) Lu from the ANU Research School of Engineering has set a new record with its own lens.

The researchers created the lens using molybdenum disulphide crystal, which is in a class of materials known as chalcogenide glasses. These have flexible electronic characteristics which make them popular for use in high-technology components.