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Thou Shalt Not End a Relationship by Text

•, By Sarah Griffiths

Despite being around for well over a decade, there are few set rules that everyone can agree on when it comes to using social media, emails and text messages.

Some hate oversharing, others love to air their dirty laundry whenever they can and a small number think it's acceptable to end relationships over text.

To address these polarising behaviours, researchers have come up with a list of 17 social media commandments we should stick to, in order not to annoy other users.

The study by BT Mobile and Oxford University took an in-depth look into the 'dos and don's' of tech etiquette and came up with a definitive modern day guide.

Among the advice for communicating in the online world is the suggestion not to 'over-share' on Facebook, as well as making sure to phone the boss rather than text or email when too sick to come into work.