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I tried having sex in virtual reality -- here's what it was like

• Business Insider

"It looked OK, but you get tired of it fairly quickly," he told the New Yorker of watching VR film.

"The strange thing here is that normally, in the history of culture … you have the content first, and then the technology follows suit.

In this case, we do have a technology, but we don't have any clear idea how to fill it with content."

Clearly, Herzog hasn't seen 2 Chicks Same Time.

While traditional filmmakers may be struggling to adapt their art to immersive virtual reality devices, pornographers have been anticipating this moment for years.

In the decades since John "Buttman" Stagliano held a camcorder in one hand, grabbed a lady's butt cheek with the other, and invented a new pornographic genre he called "gonzo," it's become standard to film scenes from the male performer's perspective.