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ODG's smartglasses are like a high-end Android tablet for your face (hands-on)


ODG's glasses are still aimed primarily at enterprise customers and developers (and priced accordingly), but if or when they eventually become full-on consumer products, there's a pretty good chance you're going to want a pair.

This year ODG showed us two pairs of its glasses: the new R-7 model, which has a 30-degree field of view and is available to order now for an enterprise-priced US$2,750, along with an unreleased prototype that's very similar to the R-7 but has a 1080p display with a 50-degree field of view.

Hiding internals that are equivalent to a highish-end Android tablet (including 64 GB storage, 3 GB RAM and a Snapdragon 805 processor in the R-7) means that the glasses' form naturally has some noticeable bulk. While you could say they're approaching subtle, they still aren't to the point where you can pass them off as "regular" glasses: