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SICK society: ZipDrug service now offers instant delivery of Big Pharma's toxic prescription dru

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The service, which is made possible by their app, in which a person enters insurance details, their doctor's electronic prescription and a pharmacy of choice, allows people to get their drugs relatively fast – within an hour to be exact. The ZipDrug website hones in on society's impatient, multi-tasking tendencies, urging people to, "Stop wasting time waiting at the pharmacy." The site goes on to say that, "The average wait time at the pharmacy is 45 minutes. That's time you could spend at home, at work, with family, or on Netflix." With that, three steps are outlined: download the app, create and place an order, and then sit back and relax. Ahhh.(2)

Why a pharmaceutical drug delivery service is a horrible idea

In other words, just take it easy while someone else delivers all kinds of toxic prescriptions to your doorstep. It's gaining traction, though, considering that thousands of deliveries have been made since the service launched in July 2015. Currently, it's available in Manhattan and parts of Queens and Brooklyn, New York City. There's a $10 per-delivery charge, plus the cost of the prescription.(1)

ZipDrug CEO Stu Libby refers to the service as the "first of its kind," going on to say that "I have not met a person that likes to go to the pharmacy yet. This is an easier, cleaner way to do it."(1)

Excited as he – and those who have used the service – may be, this is hardly good news. It reinforces society's dependency on prescription drugs, Big Pharma's eagerness to supply them at the drop of a dime, and essentially tells folks that they should obtain such drugs in any way possible, as quickly and easily as they can.

For starters, the opioid crisis in the United States is beyond devastating. Most people are aware that opioids are pain-relieving drugs which include the likes of Vicodin, Percocet, OxyContin, codeine and various morphine drugs. Sadly, many people go on to abuse them; as reported by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, "According to several national surveys, prescription medications, such as those used to treat pain, attention deficit disorders, and anxiety, are being abused ... The consequences of this abuse have been steadily worsening, reflected in increased treatment admissions, emergency room visits, and overdose deaths."(3,4)

Forget Big Pharma, how about turning to healthy foods?

Furthermore, why is there such a clamoring for and reliance on prescription drugs at all? Rather than getting to the root of a health problem and truly solving it once and for all, they merely mask the issue. As a result, Big Pharma keeps your problem going strong, all while moseying on down to the bank. Besides, it's been shown time and again that adopting a healthy lifestyle – namely by ingesting healthy foods – does wonders at keeping various ailments at bay and even helping reverse existing ones.


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