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World's oldest living animal, Jonathan the Tortoise...

•, By Amie Gordon

It was feared Jonathan the giant tortoise was on his last legs after his health seriously declined due to losing his eyesight and sense of smell.

The afflictions meant Jonathan, who lives on the British outpost of St Helena Island, was left grabbing at insubstantial twigs, leaves and dirt for food.

His plight was spotted by the island's vet, Dr Joe Hollins, who immediately put him on a high-calorie and nutritious diet of a bowl of apples, carrots, cucumber, bananas and guava.

Since the change Jonathan has gained weight, redeveloped his sharp-edged beak to help him eat grass and become more active.

The famous reptile can be seen happily plodding the grounds of Plantation House, the home of the governor of St Helena where he has lived since coming to the island in 1882.

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