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iChanter - Always Stay Communicated With Your Children.

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About this project


      Enhancing Communication, 

                One Touch at a Time!

Imagine you can communicate with your children no matter where you are, and your children do not even need to have a smartphone or tablet.

                While you are away,

                    You want to…

hear directly from your children with ease

have a personal voice chat with your children with little to no cost

        ~ iChanter is the solution! ~

iChanter is a device that can link and communicate your smartphones and tablets using the internet (WiFi). It can be incorporated in many different types of toys, from plush bears to a toy trucks. The possibilities are endless! It is the perfect gift and companion for your children. 

iChanter is a simple two-way communication software that allows you to have real time conversation with your children. No more staring at screens! No unexpected long distance charges! No roaming fees! 

No matter where you are, and as long as there is WiFi available, you can start the conversation right away using iChanter!




We have designed a compact module that can fit into any product of choice. With our patented technology and design, iChanter will enhance the communication bond between you and your children. No distance is too great for iChanter!

For the first launch, we have incorporated iChanter in a lovely plush bear (as seen in the video). The overall size of the bear is approximately 15"x 9"x 8" and iChanter is securely stored inside the bear's body using a velcro closure. This plush bear is made with new velour material and is soft to the touch.

The plush bear can also be personalized. We offer an eight letter long personalized ribbon per bear. The name you choose will also be available to appear on your mobile device. 

Size: 15

Size: 15" x 9" x 8"