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How Will You Know if Your Store is Selling GM Salmon? Since the FDA won't require labels...


AquaBounty was very covert in its development of genetically modified salmon, eliciting a lawsuit against the Canadian government for producing GM salmon eggs, imported from facilities in Panama. Now that the FDA has deemed GM salmon 'safe for sale,' how will you know if your store is going to carry it, since the FDA does not require labeling? AquaBounty's answer is vague.

 "It is too early to discuss commercialization plans, but there are several paths to market that are being considered," AquaBounty spokesperson Dave Conley told Civil Eats. [1]

Your grocery store, farmers or fish market won't have to tell you whether or not you are purchasing GM fish. According to the "voluntary guidelines for GMO labeling" the FDA proposed when it approved the salmon last week, that decision will be left entirely up to the companies selling the fish.