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This was the last year of VR's beta test


This year, in lieu of the traditional Best Of Lists, we thought it would be fun to throw our editors into a draft together and just have a conversation. Chris Plante and Adi Robertson discuss how virtual reality's breakout year was delayed. While VR made headlines everywhere, only one headset — the Gear VR — reached consumers in time for the holidays. What does VR's slow road to store shelves say about the present state of the format, and should we be concerned about its future?

Here's what we learned in 2015.

Chris Plante: It's practically 2016, and the only regular contact I have with virtual reality is an Oculus Rift dev unit that I borrowed from my neighbor and forgot to give back. It's sitting just behind my desk, and it's collecting dust. Three years have come and gone since The Verge awarded Oculus Rift best in show at CES 2013. Weren't we supposed to be living in the VR revolution by now?