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Ron Paul: IRS to Confiscate Passports


The provision in question gives the Internal Revenue Service the authority to revoke the passport of anyone the IRS claims owes more than $50,000 in back taxes. Congress is giving the IRS this new power because a decline in gas tax receipts has bankrupted the federal highway trust fund. – Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity Dominant Social Theme: The IRS is a judicious and fairly run organization that administers tax laws clinically and allows for fair redress. Free-Market Analysis: Ron Paul is out with his weekly column, entitled "Will the IRS Take Your Passport?" It deals with a bill that was just passed by Congress called the DRIVE Act. Over at GovTrack we find this: "H.R. 22: Developing a Reliable and Innovative Vision for the Economy Act or DRIVE Act; Introduced Jan 6, 2015 ... This bill was passed by Congress on December 3, 2015 and goes to the President next."