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Wolfgang Halbig's Attorney Quits Case, Fears for Life


On April 3 Wilson informed Halbig that she could no longer represent him, citing a fear for her safety and that of her family, according to Halbig.[See update below.]

"My new attorney just resigned stating that she is concerned for her safety and that of her family," Halbig wrote in an April 3 email to Linda Fasciano, one of the Connecticut's Freedom of Information Commission's administrative assistants. "All this in just three days. Who talked to her?"

Halbig further asked Fasciano to inform the CT FOI's Executive Director and General Counsel Colleen Murphy of his uncertainty at the appointment of Matthew Streeter to oversee Halbig's FOI appeal. Streeter, who arranged for the postponement of Halbig's March 31, 2015 hearing so that attorney Monte Frank could ride his bicycle at a pro-gun control event, has an established history of hindering Legitimate FOI requests.