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Outernet DIY Receiver Kit with Raspberry Pi

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This kit includes everything you need to build a functioning Outernet receiver module with a Raspberry Pi, except for a satellite dish and LNB (the device on the end of the satellite dish arm). You can purchase the correct Ku-band dish and LNB in our online store or find one locally. Instructions for using the Kit are available on our Wiki.

For an online demo of the Outernet experience, click here

This kit includes:

Raspberry Pi B+ or 2B

Outernet tuner board (Geniatech HDStar)

16 GB MicroSD pre-loaded with ORxPi and Librarian

Power supply for tuner

Power supply for Raspberry Pi

Separate Tuner and Raspberry Pi acrylic cases (optional)

Mini USB cable for connecting tuner to Raspberry Pi

Wi-Fi dongle for Raspberry Pi (Tenda W311MI)

We strongly recommend adding a case to your order to protect your tuner and your Raspberry Pi.

The included tuner lets you receive the free Outernet datacast as well as Free to Air television! This is the board of an HDStar tuner by Geniatech, which you can read more about here. The Geniatech HDStar is a verified "Outernet compatible" tuner that we sell to allow access to Outernet. While it will work for its originally intended purpose of providing satellite TV in addition to allowing access to Outernet, we do not provide support for its TV functionality.