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In Florida, Cannabis Slowdown Frustrates Popular Sentiment

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Florida medical pot law misses deadline, nearly a year behind ... Almost a year-and-a-half since Gov. Rick Scott and state lawmakers legalized a form of medical marijuana, the latest deadline for making it available to Floridians has gone up in smoke. Again. – MyPalmBeachPost

Dominant Social Theme: Say, it seems like there's a lot of pushback against any kind of cannabis legalization.

Free-Market Analysis: The article excerpted here focuses on the difficulties in bringing a particular form of medicinal cannabis to market in Florida. But there is good news here as well for those who want to see the end of cannabis prohibition. Region by region, state by state, city by city, cannabis legalization continues to advance. That's not just in the US but around the world.

Yes, there is pushback. But there is pushback to the pushback. This article is a good example of that.

Here's more:

Cancer patients, as well as those suffering seizures as Pence's daughter does, were supposed to be able to obtain a non-euphoric marijuana oil dubbed Charlotte's Web beginning Jan. 1, 2015. But crafting regulations for a new Florida marijuana industry has stalled the introduction. Activists are frustrated, new legislative proposals are in play, and another effort to ask voters to approve full-blown marijuana for medical use is underway and aimed at next November's presidential ballot in Florida.

"Every week that goes by that this substance is not in the hands of these suffering families is one week too long," said Sen. Rob Bradley, R-Fleming Island, a sponsor of last year's Charlotte's Web bill. "I continue to be very, very frustrated."

We can see from this reporting that while there is frustration, proponents continue to be active. Thus the pressure increases to bring cannabis products to market.

It is even a good sign that senators like Rob Bradley feel free to express their frustration about what has gone wrong. Politicians are not noted for taking controversial stands. Bradley apparently feels comfortable enough on this issue to express himself clearly.

True, Charlotte's Web oil is not yet being produced in the state, but the Florida Department of Health is reportedly "finally close to selecting five nurseries that are going to grow, process and dispense" the oil that is at the center of the delays. (Still, it may be until some time in 2016 before the oil is available to patients, reports the Post.)

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