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There's a New Alliance to Crack Down on Bitcoin Crime


On Thursday, a group of law enforcement agencies, major Bitcoin exchanges, and academics launched a group called the "Blockchain Alliance" in an effort to help combat blockchain-related crime and provide more legitimacy for the technology.

"Law enforcement will pursue criminals no matter what technology they're using, and how law enforcement does this can affect an open technology," Jerry Brito, executive director of Coin Center, a Bitcoin research and advocacy group and one of the founding companies behind the new organisation, writes in a blog post introducing the collaboration.

"As a result, it's in everyone's interest—law enforcement, industry, and those of us who want to keep the technology free and open—to make sure that law enforcement understands how the technology works, what can and can't be done with it, and what are the opportunities and limits it presents for their investigations."

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Comment by Ed Price
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Time for people to realize that strength is in the man/woman.

Let's say a neighbor borrows your lawnmower, and won't return it. Finally after many talks and letter writing, you have to take him to court. You file a claim.

When government comes after you in a complaint in court, file a claim on top of their complaint. Don't file a motion inside their complaint. You'll lose, at the discretion of the government. File your claim right in their case, on top of their complaint.

Your claim, among other things, is that the government is not providing a plaintiff that will get on the stand and testify as to the harm or damage you did. Basics of law state that:
1. The plaintiff must get on the stand and speak into the record the harm or damage you did. The plaintiff can't get on the stand if it is a corporation - the government;
2. There must be real harm or damage to property;
3. There must be a witness to the fact that the harm or damage was done by you;
4. There must be evidence that the harm or damage was done by you.

If government can't or won't provide these things, they have filed a false complaint/claim against you. You require damages right in your claim that you file on their complaint.

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