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Undermining Property Rights In San Francisco

•, Pater Tenebrarum

The best thing one can say about "Proposition F" is that it will be up to voters to decide on its adoption. However, it actually shouldn't be up to them, because it concerns an issue that is really none of their business.

Here is what it is about in a nutshell: as noted in this article, if the proposition is adopted, "you will be able to do anything in your bedroom, except rent it" (sic). Meaning, if one has a spare bedroom one occasionally rents out to travelers via Airbnb, one will in future no longer be able to do so – by law.

In short, other people will now decide what one can or cannot do with one's own property. Given that this particular use of property doesn't infringe on anyone else's property rights in the slightest, there should not even be a debate over whether it should or shouldn't be "allowed".

So what is behind this push to make life difficult for Airbnb, countless tourists and countless people who make a little money on the side with the help of Airbnb? In all likelihood it is a well-connected established business lobby. The main suspects are hotel owners, whose businesses are under threat from Airbnb's competition.

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