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Moving Toward A One World Government, A One World Economy And A One World Religion

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Thanks to a series of interlocking treaties and international agreements, the governance of this planet is increasingly becoming globalized and centralized, but most people don't seem alarmed by this at all.  In the past 30 days, we have seen some of the biggest steps toward a one world government, a one world economy and a one world religion that we have ever witnessed, but these events have sparked very little public discussion or debate.  So please share this article with as many people as you can.  We need to wake people up about this before it is too late.

From September 25th to September 27th, the United Nations launched a "new universal agenda" for humanity.  Those are not my words, they actually come directly out of the core document for this new agenda.  The Pope traveled to New York City to give the address that kicked off this conference, thus giving his considerable endorsement to this new plan.  Virtually every nation on the entire planet willingly signed up for the 17 goals that are included in this plan, but this stunning turn of events made very few international headlines.

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Comment by Ken Sutter
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Its true that any objections to the one world government SEEM to be non-existent but in fact the objections are there. I hear and discuss them every day with friends and folks from all walks of life. People ARE concerned and very fearful of what they see happening to our planet. They really do want to do something about it but find it impossible to get any "air time" from any of the mainstream media outlets. Newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, or politicians at their supposed public forums. Thus, it appears that no one is objecting when in reality most people are indeed objecting. You just don't hear about it because the mainstream media is owned by the people and their policies we are objecting about. Make sense? Thus, the Internet is the only place where truth can abide. Sad isn't it?

Comment by H. Skip Robinson
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I entered an IHOP in Ft. Lauderdale, FL last week to hit the restroom and have some breakfast but then decided to just get a cup of coffee and get back on the road. I handed the waiter a $5 and he pulled a wad of cash out of his pocket, handing me a couple of $1s then reached into his pocket to pull out some change which he quickly gave me the correct amount. I had glanced at the cash register and low and behold, it didn't appear to have a cash drawer. It was not much bigger than a small laptop so I asked him if this were true and he stated that they must now bring enough cash and change to meet the customers needs from home and than they must pay the business at the end of the day the difference. Does a cashless society come to mine.