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Out of the cave and onto Facebook - the life of a modern hermit


But the former British nun, who has pledged to live the rest of her life in solitude, has another routine that sets her apart from her society-shunning brethren - she has to update her Twitter account and check Facebook.

Unlike other hermits, such as a man discovered in 2013 living in a wood in the United States having spent 27 years without any human contact, Denton has embraced the Internet age.

"The myth you most often face as a hermit is that you should have a beard and live in a cave, none of which is me," she said, sat in her simple red-brick house near Market Rasen, a Lincolnshire village ringed by rolling green countryside.

The 52-year-old is not as profligate on Twitter as most of its users - "tweets are rare, but precious," she wrote on her profile - but for the modern-day hermit, she says social media is vital.