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The Dawn of GM Humans: BOY-1 Creator HS Tak on Our Inevitable Genetic Future


It's illegal as hell, mind you, but theoretically speaking, GM humans are completely conceivable.

Naturally, the theme of tampering with our genes has inspired countless modern science-fiction stories, from Bioshock to Orphan Black. But as IDW Publishing's new comic book series BOY-1 demonstrates, there is always room for fresh material about the ever-evolving world of human genetics.

Written by HS Tak and featuring artwork by Amancay Nahuelpan, the series is a moody rumination about identity in the age of GM humans. It launches next Wednesday, August 12, and has already been getting some preliminary buzz praising its expansive world-building and ambitious premise.

I talked to Tak about what inspired BOY-1, where he thinks genetic technology is headed in the future, and of course, the perils of opening a series with a monologue. Read on.