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The Days of Squinting at Laptops in the Sun Are Almost Over

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It shouldn't be that hard. Tablets and phones have generally the same display tech and are so much more usable in bright sunlight. So what gives?

It's a relatively new phenomenon. Back in the day—before 2006, according to this fine historical document—laptops had those squishy LCD screens that would leave psychedelic trails when you'd run your finger over them. Beyond that trippy side effect, the screens had one big benefit: Matte that were seemingly resistant to glare.

Those days are gone. Pick up any laptop and odds are it's got a glossy screen. Apple dropped the matte screen option from the MacBook Pro in 2013, and people were none too pleased. But according to Dr. Raymond Soneira, founder and president of display-testing and -calibration company DisplayMate Technologies, matte screens have their own problems.

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