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Radio Basics Presentation

•, by Saratoga

We used email and cell phones to coordinate training location and times, but the thought was always in the back of my mind; what if there was no Internet or cell phones? How would we form up as a group? I have compiled the information into a simple, bullet-point scenario to make it easier to grasp and to focus on key areas. Also, there are exceptions to specific parts of this information, but for the majority of people it will apply.

Section 1 Radio Fundamentals 

Radio Basics

Radio waves are all around us.

They transmit data, conversations, pictures, and music invisibly through the air over thousands of miles.

It happens every day, and they have changed society.

They control everything from cell phones to satellites.

A few of the everyday items:

Garage door openers

Radio-controlled toys

GPS receivers

Baby monitors

Microwave ovens

Airplanes depend on a dozen different radio waves

Radio Spectrum

Frequency chart

If I want to get this chart on one page, I can't read many of the sections!

There are hundreds of frequency categories.