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Autonomous Underwater Probe Discovers American Revolution Shipwreck

•, By Mary Beth Griggs

North Carolina has a history of shipwrecks. The area off the coast of North Carolina is known as the 'Graveyard of the Atlantic' for a reason. It is the final resting place of countless ships, sunk by storms and treacherous shoals and sandbars. Underwater archaeologists have located many of these wrecks, including the pirate Blackbeard's ship, The Queen Anne's Revenge. The latest shipwreck to make headlines was found offshore, 150 miles from the coast in frigid waters a mile deep, and it was found by a robot.

 Sentry, an autonomous underwater vehicle, was running a routine check for a mooring that the scientific team left in the area three years ago.

"I have led four previous expeditions to this site, each aided by submersible research technology to explore the sea floor — including a 2012 expedition where we used Sentry to saturate adjacent areas with sonar and photo images," Cindy Van Dover, the leader of the expedition said in a statement. "It's ironic to think we were exploring within 100 meters of the wreck site without an inkling it was there."