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Union head blasts city's $5.9M settlement in Eric Garner case

• By Joe Tacopino, Shawn Cohen and Yoav Gonen

"Where is the justice for New York taxpayers? Where is the consistency in the civil system?" Ed Mullins asked.

A jury would have awarded a lower dollar figure based on "neither politics nor emotion," he said.

"In my view, the city has chosen to abandon its fiscal responsibility to all of its citizens and genuflect to the select few who curry favor with the city government," Mullins told The Post.

"Mr. Garner's family should not be rewarded simply because he repeatedly chose to break the law and resist arrest."

In announcing the settlement — the largest ever for a wrongful-death case against an NYPD officer — city Comptroller Scott Stringer stressed the "extraordinary impact" the Staten Islander's death had on the entire country.

"It forced us to examine the state of race relations, and the relationship between our police force and the people they serve," he said.