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Ready To Grow Vertical Gardens Now Come In Shipping Containers!


A project designed by entrepreneurs from Boston will allow their customers to build vertical gardens in pre-fitted shipping containers that are nearly ready for growing.

Designers Jon Friedman and Brad McNamara, began working on the project in 2010 and have since sold 25 shipping containers for $76,000 each.

While this application may be too expensive for the average person or family, it will allow organic farmers to grow crops in the most crowded cities, creating opportunities for local produce that were not possible before.

This model can work especially well in cities where there is not much room for crops, and where it is necessary to grow under specific temperature and air conditions.

The company recently posted on their blog that

The growth of the industry has allowed us to focus on what we're doing to grow more local, pesticide-free food and create a general acceptance of hydroponics as a viable growing technique. I'm happy to see that the mainstream has all but stopped crediting each new product as the inventor of hydroponic growing, accepting that it's a long established technique to grow food and has now focused on how all of us are working toward solving larger problems around food and water. Even more, the customer base is eager to educate themselves on new ways of farming, which is opening up a new era for indoor ag that is sure to change the way we all interact with our food.