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Solar energy ballot initiative faces major pushback

•, Jim Turner

Florida Power & LightDuke EnergyTampa Electric Co. and Gulf Powerfiled a joint brief Wednesday arguing the proposed ballot language by a coalition known as Floridians for Solar Choice would be "misleading" to voters.

"The proposed amendment fails in several respects to meet basic standards that are intended to protect voters from being misled or confused," FPL said in a prepared statement. "Indeed, the amendment's language is largely unclear, but one thing is certain: It would amount to an unprecedented constitutional ban on consumer protection."

Bondi also filed a brief seeking to keep the initiative off the November 2016 ballot and said the measure, "as written, will leave voters uninformed and consumers vulnerable."

"As a large and growing state, Florida needs a diverse energy portfolio that includes solar energy, however, the proposed constitutional amendment mandates major changes in existing law, using language that is unclear and misleading,'' she said in a prepared statement.