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Supreme Court justices ask: Is being burned alive constitutional?

• Christian Science Monitor

The US Supreme Court heard oral arguments Wednesday in a capital punishment case involving Oklahoma's use of lethal injection drugs. At issue is whether the first drug prevents pain by rendering the prisoner unconscious....

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Comment by Ed Price
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What's the big deal? What is an execution trying to do? Is it trying to torture the condemned? Or is it just there to execute him? If we are trying to torture him, are we not as bad as he was or maybe worse?

Inject him with some standard drug that puts him to sleep. This will relieve him of undue mental anguish by keeping him from witnessing his actual execution while it is happening. At least, give him the choice.

Then, use the guillotine. With all of our technology, we can make the guillotine so that it works accurately - and without a mess - every time. Get the thing over with.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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We know from survivors that burning is relatively painless. Oh sure, the heating up part is uncomfortable but once the nerve ending burn away no pain. It is when the nerve endings start to grow back that burn patients suffer greatly, and since there won't be any survivors this is not an issue.

I am sure it will be no trouble to find some doctor or someone to call themselves expert to draw up an standard operating procedure as to how to bind the prisoner to the stake? What the stake is made out of? Whether they get a blindfold or not? What the accelerant used is? Whether to go with a good old fashioned log pile or perhaps a pile of books? Whether marsh mellows will be allowed to be roasted for post-celebratory Smores?

And the great thing about this procedure is the wonderful aroma of cooked pork that fills the air making everyone hungry for lunch.

Yes, I see stake burning as a tradition perhaps Massachusetts can revive. They can get pointers from Mississippi that have recent experience in burning humans alive.

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