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Thousand Crow tiny house sidesteps the Vancouver housing market


Vancouver's housing market is relatively expensive, and this naturally prevents a lot of people from being able to afford to own their own homes. Following some sub-par rental experiences, Vancouver resident Isabella Mori contacted local firm Camera Buildings to construct her a 18.5 sq m (189 sq ft) tiny home that she could afford to own outright.

The recently-completed Thousand Crow tiny house sits on a trailer and wheels, and can be towed to suitable locations without any additional permit. It comprises one large primary space, plus a door leads to a small bathroom with composting toilet and shower. The main living area is separated into two levels with a couple of steps, and the raised section hides a neat pull-out bed and some additional storage space designed by Camera Buildings.

The kitchen area runs along the left side of the home, and toward the far end lie work and lounge areas (plus the aforementioned bathroom). It's a simple layout, but judging from the photos at least, there seems to be a surprising amount of room left over for a home of its size. Indeed, Thousand Crow looks much less cramped than we've come to expect with many similar tiny houses.