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Bitcoin in the Headlines:


You'd be forgiven for mistaking the news of corrupt special agents for a high-budget Hollywood Blockbuster – the plot itself is box office gold.

News coverage on bitcoin exploded this week as mainstream outlets from all over the globe picked up on new allegations that were filed in the ongoing saga of online black market Silk Road.

This time, however, Ross Ulbricht wasn't the center of attention. Rather, former Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agent Carl Mark Force IV and his colleague on the Baltimore-based Silk Road investigation, US Secret Service agent Shaun Bridges, took center stage for alleged corruption, extortion and a litany of apparent abuses of power.

Overall, the tale cast this week's news in a humorous light, though not every media outlet was "in" on the jokes. As illustrated by the reporting on next year's St Petersburg Bowl, bitcoin is still a subject best left to the pros.

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