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Apple Cider Vinegar: So Many Uses to Lose Weight and Feel Better


Apple cider vinegar is a popular health tonic that is pushed as a powerhouse for health – and for good reason. The food has been used as a health tonic and miracle cure for all different types of ailments, from ACV, to upset stomach, to acne. So in what ways is apple cider vinegar beneficial to your health?

Conventional vinegar products are made through fermentation and then are filtered. Most store brought vinegar is clear, distilled, and looks nothing like its raw counterpart. Filtering out and/or pasteurizing the vinegar removes or lessens the health benefits it would otherwise hold.

A raw unfiltered vinegar is dark and murky colored, with the 'mother' of vinegar suspended in the liquid. 'Mother' in vinegar is the bacteria used to create vinegar and give it its sour taste. It is generally filtered out of conventional vinegar products when they are finished, but contains beneficial enzymes and probiotics.

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