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Giancarlo Zema makes a splash with his eco-friendly solar-powered floating home


The WaterNest 100 is a circular pod-like structure that provides 100 sq m (1,076 sq ft) of living space. Up to 98 percent of the structure is made of recycled materials and it is powered by a roof-top solar array.

Zema is no stranger to designing innovative aquatic residences. His previous concepts have included the Trilobis 65 yacht-cum-home, a semi-submerged cliff-side dwelling and a five-level floating apartment block. Unlike these designs, however, the WaterNest 100 feels practical and like something you might actually live in one day.

"The inspiration came from observing the aquatic nests of water birds all over the world where they can live and growing their babies in total harmony with nature," explains Zema to Gizmag. "So I thought of designing something similar that can help us to embrace life and allow us to live a floating experience in a natural and energy saving habitat."