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News Link • Law Enforcers or Peace Officers

"Hate Crime" Protection For Heroes?

•, By Eric Peters

The Fraternal Order of Police – the union for cops – thinks it ought to be. It is officially demanding that cops – already a protected (and entitled) class – be further set apart from ordinary folks by passing legislation that would enable prosecutors to pursue additional "hate crimes" charges against any not-cop who is accused of voicing anti-cop sentiments while, say, "resisting arrest" by attempting to ward off the wood shampoo being administered by a cop. Or in the course of committing any other crime involving one of the state's enforcers of the laws where the crime-committer can be characterized as having committed the crime with dislike of cops in his heart.

One must (literally) love Big Brother … or else.

Well, one must at least not convey any indication of overt dislike for him and his minions. That might be regarded as hateful and thus actionable.

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