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Video Taken by NYPD Killer Surfaces, Shows Him Being Shaken Down by K-9 Unit Last Year

• Syrmopoulos

In the video an officer claims the dog signaled for drugs on Brinsley's bag. But there was nothing remarkable that could be pinpointed as the dog even signaling. After the officer claimed the dog signaled, Brinsley refused to let him search his bag.

"The dog is indicating on your bag here. So that gives us probable cause to search the bag."

Brinsley questions the officer as to the dog having not signaled on his bag saying,

"He didn't bark or anything."

To which the officer responds,

"Have you been to dog K-9 training school? If you haven't been you probably don't know how my dog indicates."

Brinsley replies,

"You brought the dog over here twice. It left the first time after it sniffed the bag you brought it back over."