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How Skype Used AI to Build Its Amazing New Language Translator


 It's called the Skype Translator—a Skype add-on that listens to the English words you speak into Microsoft's internet phone-calling software and translates them into Spanish, or vice versa.

As you can see from demos like the one below, it's an amazing technology, and it's based on work that's been going on quietly inside Microsoft's research and development labs for more than a decade. Microsoft is already using some of the text translation technology underpinning Skype Translate to power its Bing Translate search engine translation service, and to jump start the foreign language translation of its products, manuals, and hundreds of thousands of support documents. "One of the largest, published, untouched machine translation repositories on the internet is the Microsoft customer support Knowledge Base," says Vikram Dendi, strategy director with Microsoft Research.