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A decent cop story.


One day After tuning my motorcycle up I jumped out on the highway and cranked it up.

I did a little weaving and a little speeding and after about four miles I saw in my mirror a cop right on my butt.

Scared the crap out of me because I had reached 110 mph about a min before I saw him. So I immediately pulled over. He approached me and I expected the worst of course. He layed Into me hard. Yelling at me, "Are you some kind of freekin' idiot man? I saw you about five miles back go on the exit and then swerve back into traffic, that is so dangerous and stupid. It's not even so much the speeding but the swerving in and out. This is obviously not the place for that."

Me nodding, "I know, I know."

Him still yelling, "I know you have a family waiting for you at home and you're out here being dumb and not considering the consequences of you're actions. For crying out loud. You know, sometimes instead of getting a ticket people just need a good butt chewin."

Me nodding, "Yes I agree."

Him calming down a little, "I know how it is man I used to ride all the time but you can't act like that out here in traffic, I see people get killed all the time and I don't want that for you and your family."