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Mesoloft will scatter your ashes from the edge of space


What's more creative than taking their remains to the very top of the Earth's atmosphere and releasing them? That's what Mesoloft is offering to those who want to say goodbye in a way that no one will ever forget.

Mesoloft is taking remains to an altitude of 20 miles (32.2 km), which is a part of the stratosphere called Near Space. That's about three times higher than the cruising altitude of an average commercial jet. Going into orbit requires an altitude of about 62 miles (100 km), just to give a little perspective as to where a loved one's ashes are going.

At this height, Mesoloft co-founder Chris Winfield says that the released ashes travel around in the atmosphere before eventually making their way back to Earth in rain or snow.

The ashes are carried up on a custom weather balloon with a container that has a trap door. GoPro cameras are also mounted to the device, allowing family members to see the ashes being released. GPS trackers are in use, and the paying family is given live access so they can track the ashes as they make their journey to the edge of space.

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