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Arizona Liberty Update from Matt Papke

• Matt Papke

Hello Patriots!

Fellow freedom fighters, Liberty is far from dead in Arizona. Although it has been a while since this newsletter has been sent out, I can assure you much has been happening during that pause. 

First, I know many of us were crushed when Ron Paul had the Republican nomination stolen from him. I know many of us were enraged when Rand Paul endorsed Mitt Romney. I know the sense of dejection and futility we all felt. But did we give up?

I write you today to plead for your liberty. As you have read in the news there are major shifts occurring in our national government and beyond. The ability for non-US interests to influence elections and therefore our elected officials is greater than anytime in our history. If we do not rise up dire times may lurk on the horizon. It is up to you to be your very own Paul and Paulina Revere to your friends and family. 

There are more of us than them, it is that simple. 

Hopefully this news letter may act as a conduit and or catalyst to promote the idea of Liberty across our state and in our neighborhoods. 

Liberty is not dead, NO, not in Arizona at least. Here is a list of some of the major events over the past year and some days. 

Liberty candidates run for office in AZ
The below candidates took on the machine and are putting their best foot forward for Liberty.

Barry Hess
Arizona Legislature
Jennifer Jones  LD 5 House
Thurane Aung Khin LD 20  House

Clair Van Steenwyk LD 22 Senate
Dale Eames LD 26 Senate
James Roy LD 26 House
Aaron Gidwani LD 30 House
County Supervisor
Al DiCiccio
City Council

Victor Petersen Gilbert
Danny Ray Mesa
Dara Vaneisan  Pinetop
Matt Papke Tempe
Greg Weisman Scottsdale

All these individuals said the buck stops here and took on the establishment. 

Arizona organizations working hard for Liberty

Constitutional County Project

Much like the Free State Project, Navajo County in Arizona is working to become a haven for Liberty to flourish in our state. Is it time to move to Navajo for you?

Tenth Amendment Center

Under the dutiful leadership of Adam Henriksen and Joel Alcott the Tenth Amendment Center in Arizona has locked horns with carpetbaggers on major issues. From the Anti-NSA spying bill to taking on the police-state the Tenth Amendment Center has been at the forefront of the legislative process in Arizona.

The Center for Self Governance

The Center for Self Governance has several teams in Arizona. This powerful organization teaches the individual proven techniques to put the SERVANT back in public servant.


The Arizona Citizens Defense League (AzCDL) fights hard; drafting and lobbying for legislation to defend your right to self defense. They have been very effective and are major player in Arizona politics. 

Arizona Liberty Caucus

In Arizona the Liberty Caucus has secured more than 30% of the leadership positions in the Republican Party. McCain and his ilk are none to happy with this. So much so that a bitter battle for Precinct Committeemen and women is under way. Out of state money is pouring into our most local of elections to give the establishment the pawns they need to hold on to power. But we are fighting them every step of the way.

My friends this is not a game, no matter what your core issue may be, it is likely tied to too much government and the possibility of tyranny. It is time to rise up and be counted. It is time to grow and swell our ranks. No longer can discussing the one handed Sunday night touchdown catch be our focus or spending hours dissecting Breaking Bad.  It is time to bring real issues up to our friends and families when we are able to. You are AWAKE it is your solemn privilege and duty to awaken your neighbor. 

You are the R3VOLUTION 

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