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Italy Poised to Release More than 10,000 Marijuana Prisoners with Law Change


The change comes as a result of the striking down of a law that previously tripled cannabis related sentences. This will affect many of the over 40% of inmates that were sentenced in drug related crimes, many of them for simple possession of marijuana. While many are excited about this possible change of heart, the 'new' law actually harkens to earlier days prior to the Italian Justice system tripling sentences for cannabis possession or use.

While cannabis users will be given a lighter sentence, hard drug users of substances like cocaine and heroin will result in much longer sentences.

For many who have served time for marijuana possession, they will be released based on time served, and others will enjoy a drastic reduction in sentencing – some who could have planned to spend their lives in jail with sentences of 6-20 years will have their sentences reduced to 2-6 years.